It is our corporate and social responsibility to ensure that our customers, company personnel and partners all benefit from a unified approach which keeps health, environmental and safety aspects in check, while keeping all ethical, employee and community related issues completely transparent:

  • All our human assets have the ability and authority to work hand-in-hand with each customer’s ever-changing property maintenance needs. We diligently follow all UK industry regulatory standards, to better facilitate our employees’ performance and the environments they work in.
  • This ensures not only great customer service but also positive contributions to the community.
  • Our personnel are highly motivated individuals as we understand that they are at the heart of our business, our very backbone. We have a dedicated department that continuously engages with all employees to better develop their professional and personal skillsets. We do not simply hire professionals, we build and equip them to better serve you.
Environment And Ethical Responsibilities Upperbrick
Environment And Ethical Responsibilities Upperbrick

We go to great lengths to ensure that we only hire partners and sub-contractors who have been fully reviewed from an ethical, moral and professional standpoint. We will never do business with them unless they have met with our quality standards checklist.

Our team works around the clock to build meaningful relationships with suppliers and partners so that all commitments and contracts can be met realistically. For instance, we have put stringent principles in place which ensure safe, secure and hygienic working conditions for all our sub-contractors and suppliers. Our employees have been trained to give suppliers reasonable lead times and working hours so that all targets can be met effectively.